Best Spa Treatments for Men

5 Best Spa Treatments for Men

There is no denying the fact that men these days love to get pampered in spas and get massages to soothe their sore muscles. They are even open to the idea of facials that help treat acne and rejuvenate the skin. This is why spa treatments for men, formulated exclusively for men, are gaining popularity all over the world.
Gone are the days when you would be called feminine if you got a manicure or pedicure. So sit back and get ready to be treated like a king as you get yourself one of these amazing spa treatments.

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1. Sports massages
Everyone experiences a consistent muscular pull or twinge at some point or the other. There are also those who feel serious stress-related pain and tension in their bodies all through the night. Massages are a great way to address these issues and they leave you feeling mentally and physically charged.

Research suggests that men prefer “rougher” spa treatments and find them more relaxing. In addition to deep tissue massages, a quick aromatherapy treatment or footbath also adds to the relaxing feeling experienced by the person.

2. Steam rooms and saunas
In this popular spa treatment, men are made to relax in a room full of steam. In several cultures, heat rooms have been utilised as spa therapy spaces, especially in the Native American and Turkish cultures. The unique sensation experienced in these steam lodges is highly appealing. A good sauna or steam helps in warming up the muscles prior to a deep massage session with the result that the pressure becomes more effective.

3. Facials
As it was mentioned earlier, facials are no longer a treatment restricted to women. Men can choose to get facials that involve ultrasonic cleansing to achieve a dual effect. These facials help get rid of stubborn ingrown hair and also unclog pores. The result is clearer and smoother facial skin which is free of irritation and redness. Once the cleansing treatment is over, you can enjoy a relaxing shoulder, neck and face massage!

4. Hydrotherapy
In a hydrotherapy treatment, water is used to relax as well as stimulate the body. The skin is tones using aqua-jets and water’s oscillating pressure can be felt on the body. This men’s spa treatment is designed for opening up the pores and boosting circulation. It is the ideal spa to feel fully recharged.

5. Acupressure
This type of massages has its roots in the ancient Chinese medicinal tradition and targets specific points of the body in order to cause energy movement in the body. Acupressure follows in the footsteps of acupuncture and meant to work with your meridians. But no needles are used in acupressure. The masseuse uses his/her palm, elbows and fingers and puts pressure on different points, called ‘acupoints’. This helps in releasing the body’s energy blocks. These treatments might not be as relaxing as the others but leave you feeling balanced and fresh.

It is a great idea to give your body one or more of these brilliant spa treatments every other week or even once a month!