Some Facts About Laser Hair Removal Clinics

It is but normal to look through a magnifying glass when anything new: treatment or cosmetic procedure; makes a grand entrance. There are many things written about laser hair removal clinics, the question remains, what should you believe and what to ignore? Read on to dispel a few myths about the procedure and to present facts that are backed by scientific data.

Facts on laser hair removal
The treatment is permanent, only in a few cases. Forget what is being said on the procedure being your answer to never step into a beauty salon for waxing, the degree of permanence depends on your skin, hair type and the laser type used. Although not permanent, hair regrowth is significantly retarded.

Skin becomes smoother. Laser light is known to trigger collagen production, a protein that retains and regulates the youthfulness of the skin. The result: pumped out younger looking skin.

Do not wax, pluck or shave two weeks before your appointment. Laser light targets hair that is specifically in the growth phase. If the hair does not enter the regrowth phase, the laser beam has no target.

Not all clinics that advertise laser hair removal use laser; a cheaper alternative IPL may be used instead. IPL, intense pulsed light is another hair removal technique that uses light of high intensity at evenly placed interval to destroy hair follicles in the targeted areas. The machines cost lesser making the treatment cheaper. IPL may be a cost effective alternative, but the incidence of severe burns as a side effect is very common.

Effectiveness of laser hair removal is specific to skin and hair type. The best candidate for laser treatment is dark hair on dark skin. The specific target of laser light is melanin. Skin colour is the visible phenotype of subcutaneous melanin content. For the treatment to be effective on lighter skin, the number of sessions required is more. Laser wavelength is another factor that determines the effectiveness of the procedure.

Some people may be extremely sensitive to laser light and may therefore experience pain during the procedure. There are lasers that now come with a cryogenic spray. The cooling solution is sprayed on the skin before the laser fires.

Few clinics use tropical anesthesias to reduce intense pain.

The procedure is quick. All it takes is 15 minutes to treat bikini region, face and underarms. Larger areas like the legs and back may take longer.

Laser light is safe to use on the most sensitive regions. The same cannot be said about IPL.

Unlike waxing, laser hair removal does not lead to bumpy in-growths.

Skip the tanning salon for three weeks before your appointment. There is a greater possibility of severe burns when tanned regions are targeted.

Contrary to the slandering comments on laser light being cancerous, the radiation is extremely safe and does not cause cancer. The wavelength of light used for laser treatment ranges from near infrared to visible light. DNA damaging UV radiation is not used.