Highlights For Your Hair – Trends Of The Season

Highlights pack a punch in 2016, from rainbow tresses and subtle golden caramel highlights to pretty pastels. Whether you sport a pixie cut or long layered locks, there’s something for you in the trends this season.


The sun-kissed look that’s sweet as caramel

If you wear your hair cut into lovely layers, highlights can take the oomph up a notch especially with some of the colour trends for 2016. Darker haired women can experiment with blonde highlights. For a more subtle timeless trend that stays this season too, opt for caramel highlights on layered hair. One trend that stylists are betting on is called the tortoiseshell technique. This look introduces golden highlights as well as darker shades and caramel artfully combined to leave you looking like a sun-kissed goddess with tresses that glow with a healthy warmth. Think butterscotch blonde like Amber Heard or faded brown beige in the style of Camilla Belle, both featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s trendy looks for winter.

Pastel power

Pale pastel shades can work in some edge without being too over the top. Feminine and magical, pale pink highlights applied to the ends of your long blonde hair, or on the front tip of your short crop of platinum, can be mischievous without being too flashy. Pale shades of purple, green and blue work well too, just be sure to choose colours that complement your skin tone.

A case of the blues

Blue highlights done differently this season will let you carry some of that cool iciness of winter into early spring. Let your hair wear a blend of both colours with icy blue tips flowing seamlessly into paler green highlights just like icy spring waters melt to reveal lush foliage at the cusp of winter and spring. Blondes can try out pale blue, purple or even green.

A streak of neon

Too much neon can be a hard look to pull off, but this season’s neon streaks are perfect for those with a sense of adventure. Think bright highlights on just a few strands.

Rainbow braids

If you wear your hair braided, then try colouring the ends that tuck into the braid in rainbow hues while leaving the hair on the top of your head its natural colour or a single more neutral colour. It will make for a subtle hint of cheekiness while keeping things simple at first glance. Just like your personality, this colourful braid will reveal itself slowly and catch everyone by surprise.

Colour melting

Colour melting is the latest hair trend to make waves, and it creates highlights like never before. Giving tresses a multidimensional look, it allows you to use multiple tones at once, creating a more natural looking head of hair. Salma Hayek has been spotted sporting this trend.

Set your hair on fire

Natural redheads and brunettes who’d like their hair to light up a room can try the burgundy red ombre look. Dye the roots of your hair burgundy and highlight the ends of your hair with a reddish blonde shade to create a look that is a guaranteed head turner.