Laser Hair Removal – 5 Questions To Ask Before A Treatment

Laser hair removal treatment is a boon for all the women who are tired of razor burns, painful waxing and daily shaving. You will never have to choose to wear a full sleeves shirt on a hot day because you haven’t waxed. The growing popularity of laser services has led to an increasing number of clinics and certified beauty centres offering finest-quality of hair removal treatments. While every centre comes with a customer testimonial, it is wise for you, as a client, to ask these five important questions before going in.

laser hair removal

What is the revenue generated through laser hair removal?
The answer to this question will give you an idea of the total percentage of the business that is devoted to laser hair removal. Also the history of the treatment centre can be estimated. If laser hair removal is not the primary service, then the generated revenue is much lesser and the facility might not house expert staff in this field. It is foolhardy to risk your skin by opting to undergo treatment at some-place which is not experienced.

What is the technology used?
If the treatment clinic still runs on outdated technique, it reflects the lack of expertise. Clinics that are popular are usually up-to-date with the latest technology. Most technology may seem similar but there are significant differences in terms of comfort level, effectiveness and safety of the procedure. The quality of hair removal is affected by the laser used. If you are availing the treatment for a throw away price, contrary to a good deal, the laser used may be of inferior quality, thus reducing the overall cost. While comparing the prices, look for deals which use the same technology or superior.

What is the procedure?
This question will answer the success rate of the procedure used. The frequency of the treatment availed is directly proportional to the number of satisfied clients. The medical validation of the treatment can also be found out. If the procedure is not medically sound and safe, it is best to find another laser clinic.

What is the qualification of the technician or the doctor conducting the procedure?
This is the most important question to ask. The doctor must be board certified and the technician must possess the required certification. You should find out about the doctor’s qualification and experience. There are many clinics that employ certified doctors and vocationally trained technicians who operate the laser.

How easy is it to fix a future appointment?
Chances are that you will need to revisit the clinic because laser treatments are done in a series, therefor the laser clinic must be flexible with its timings to accommodate your schedule. Find out beforehand a rough estimate of the number of sessions required and the time it takes for each.
As with any medical procedure, finding out and asking the right questions before going in for procedure is advisable.