The idyllic borough of Cotteridge is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing that we’ve ever come across. With quaint architecture, wide open roads and great views of the countryside; it’s clear to see why people are so keen to move to this fabled region of Birmingham. It’s well connected with both Watford and Pershore Road bordering the area – and with the nearby Cotteridge Park offering a variety of activities, strolls and picnic opportunities, there’ really no reason not to visit.

What is there to do in this area?

If you like shopping, we’re sure that you’ll appreciate the range of outlets available in the region. From those that offer fashionable clothing to those that specialise in accessories, gadgets and gifts – there are plenty of places to visit along the local high street, as well as down the back streets and alleyways.

There are restaurants too, so you shouldn’t have to worry about being hungry and if you’re in the mood for a little history then why not stop by the nearby St. Agnes Church? It’s free to visit and dates back to 1898. Around the outside are a few Roman ruins as well, although they are a little worse for wear, so you might be better off visiting the other local landmarks if you are keen to see more.

And what about the salons?

As a fairly small region, you’ll undoubtedly understand that the handful of salons available are relatively quaint when compared to others in Birmingham. That being said, they are still fully functional and offer some of the most luxurious services in the region; with options for beauty treatments, therapies, hair care services and more.

The best way to learn about what’s available is by taking a look at our listings. Whether you’re a resident of the region looking for a new hot spot, or a visitor that’s planning on passing through – we’re sure that you’ll find one to meet your expectations.