digbeth birmingham

Birmingham Digbeth Branch Canal
Tanya Dedyukhina [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Proudly considered part of Birmingham’s City Centre is Digbeth – a region that many of you might recognise as being the host of the award-winning ITV show Britain’s Got Talent. Not only will all candidates and applicants need to pass through this region to showcase their skills to Simon Cowell and his fellow judges; plenty will take full advantage of the local hair salons and beauty centres to fully prepare themselves for their performances!

Is it all glitz and glam?

When BGT isn’t being filmed, the bustling area is still as active as you might imagine. Birmingham isn’t exactly known for its quiet back streets and alleyways – and as Digbeth is in the centre of the city, is it any wonder why there’s so much to see and do? If you like the sound of shopping then the local mall should be able to cater to your expectations. If you like the theatre then the Mockingbird may be your cup of tea.

And the great thing about this area is that the local transport agency has made a point of keeping things as efficient as possible. With buses running every few minutes, a range of taxi services to choose from and dozens of other ways of getting around town like the canal route. – you won’t have to worry about being glued in one spot for too long.

Where do the salons come into things?

At UK 10 Best, we try our best to share information on some of the most effective spas, clinics and beauty salons in any given area. If you’re here then you are probably looking for the ideal location for your next appointment and our listing may be the best place to start. We’ve compiled information on some of the best salons that this area has to offer, some of which are on the high street, others might be in more suburban spots and fewer still might have been right around the corner all along.

Why not take a look at all that this lovely area has to offer to you? If the contestants of Britain’s Got Talent trust these salons to have them looking great, then we’re sure that you’ll get to reap the rewards as well!