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Edgbaston Cricket Ground
By Oosoom (Own photograph) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The idyllic suburb of Edgbaston in Birmingham is just about as appealing as they come. With a population of about 21,000 people, a low crime rate and a range of enjoyable activities to be had – this region can offer a great location for a family, whilst being ideal for those wanting a day out. There are parks, eateries, shopping areas and a cricket ground, known as the County Ground or Edgbaston Stadium – but what else does this area have to offer to those looking for fashion and lifestyle facilities?

Enjoying all that the area has to offer

If you love the thought of being pampered by a professional beauty therapist then this suburb could definitely be the one for you. Although no two therapists are the same, the local college is responsible for providing education and training – so it’s fairly safe to assume that whichever salon you choose; you’re likely to be in good hands.
If you don’t drive, or if you simply don’t fancy putting your foot to the pedal, then you could always board a bus, hire a cab, or buy a train ticket to get around the area. The great thing is that it won’t matter where you’re staying; with salons on almost every street – you’ll feel as spoilt for choice as you could possibly hope for.

How good are the salons?

As with most locations, there are great salons and not too good ones. Fortunately for you, best is in our name and at UK 10, we make a point of providing information on the best and most effective centres, as well as the most affordable salons, spas and hair care clinics in any given region. Edgbaston is no different, in fact rather than throwing you in at the deep end, we decided to find out about some of the most effective salons in the area and then compiled their information right here for you to enjoy.

It won’t matter if you’re looking for a hair treatment, an advanced facial, or even laser surgery to help to remove those unwanted hairs – we’re sure that you’ll enjoy all that this suburb has to offer. If you want a little bit of help or advice before choosing, why not reach out to our team?