Never before have we come across a borough in Birmingham that is equally as large as it is densely populated; but with a resident count of just under 60,000 Halesowen is easily one of the most heavily populated that we’ve stumbled upon. But you know what they say about so many people being in one place; it must be incredible – and as far as things to see and do go, this region certainly isn’t short of them.

So, what is there to do here exactly?

What isn’t here, more like! If you are looking for shopping options then you won’t be disappointed. There’s also history in the area that has been dated back to the Medieval period and even a host of landmarks such as the world-famous Norman-era church of St. John the Baptist. There is also Leasowes Park – a region that is as expansive as some of the largest natural forestry in the UK and would make an ideal destination for a picnic or a walk.

If you prefer your entertainment to be modern then the nearby shopping malls, high streets with retail outlets and range of cinemas, restaurants, fast food chains and more will certainly tick all the right boxes. The great thing about such a densely populated area is that the demand is already there – so if you’re planning a visit you will be able to all but guarantee that this area will be able to cater to your needs.

And what about the good stuff?

Okay, so the reason that you’re here is to learn about the beauty and hair salons in this area in particular – and boy will you be pleased when you see what’s available. We’re not exaggerating when we say that there are literally dozens of incredibly diverse salons in the area, but we also know that this fact can actually make your decision harder!

That’s the main reason why we decided to share information on some of the most effective salons in the form of our top 10 list – and you can rest assured that these are some of the best of the bunch, so why not take a look and see if you can find one to suit your needs (and budget)?